At Furniture Factory Outlet, we know that being comfortable in your home is important.

That is why we offer a large range of mobility furniture to suit a variety of needs.

From Bedroom to the Lounge Room furniture, we have fashionable, affordable and most importantly, comfortable range of mobility furniture that will improve your day to day life.

Discover more about our range of setting and beds.

Here are our top 3 reasons why you should consider purchasing mobility furniture.

  1. It will give you the get-up and go you need!

Whether you’re getting on and off the sofa or out of bed, it shouldn’t be a challenge and it certainly shouldn’t be painful. We offer a range of fashionable mobility furniture that is designed to ease you in and out of the sitting position such as lift chairs. We also offer a large range of reclining sofa-chairs that can serve as a sleeping option for those who need to keep their legs elevated to aid circulation.

         2. Like a good friend, it offers support when you need it most.

Our range of mobility beds provides you with the support you need from the day you walk into our store. Our friendly team of experts will help you chose the correct mattress for your needs, whilst the high quality and affordable prices will make that decision to purchase a new bed even easier! 

         3. Rest and breathe easy.  

Whether it is resting on a reclining sofa or taking an afternoon nap in bed, our range of mobility furniture is designed to improve the lives of those with breathing difficulties. The rise and reclining features of our sofa’s and beds make it easy for the user to be positioned comfortably to aid breathing and circulation. 

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