What you sleep on has a massive impact on your overall sleep quality. Since sleep is such an integral part of your wellbeing and health, it’s massively important you choose the right mattress. Here at Furniture Factory, we’re here to help you do this! But what are the details you need to know when it comes to picking the right mattress? Here we delve a bit deeper!

What actually makes a good mattress?

Research has suggested that sleeping on a medium-firm type of mattress, especially one that has adjustable levels of firmness, promotes quality sleep, proper spinal alignment, and promotes comfort. If body pain and aches are a serious discomfort for you, research suggests that he surface which you sleep on makes a massive difference to your overall comfort.

Other studies have suggested that latex foam, when compared to memory foam, put less pressure on the body. This means that it is better at resisting the ‘sinking’ feeling usually associated with memory foam.

Mattress types

Hybrid, foam, and innerspring are the major types of mattresses to choose from typically. There are many different kinds of foam, including a type of polyurethane memory foam, synthetic latex, and natural latex. As the mattress marking is booming at the moment, it provides more choices for consumers than before.

How can you really find the right mattress?

  • Talk but try. There is no substitute to actually trying out mattresses physically in person. This could narrow things down very rapidly and help you to find out what you do and do not really like, even if you continue the search online.
  • Give it time. Experts have recommended that it’s worth spending at the very least 15 minutes in your usual sleeping position on any mattress you are seriously considering purchasing.
  • Look for longer sleep trials. This is especially true if you decide to purchase a mattress before properly trying it out, such as by picking a business that gives you at the very least 90 days to try it out.
  • Make sure you know the return policy. In some particular cases, it is up to the customer to dispose of or donate the unwanted mattress and provide proof that it’s happened in order to get a refund.

Tips for a good night of sleep

  • It’s important to put down any electronic devices and avoid blue light wherever possible for at the very least an hour before bedtime.
  • Keep your room cool by opening a certain window, using a fan, or adjusting a thermostat.
  • Keep to a certain schedule. A sleep routine that gets you up at the same sort of time each day, and puts you in bed at around a similar time every night, can help your brain and body to relax!

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