The excitement of buying furniture is certainly one of the best feelings! We understand just how ecstatic our customers feel when it comes to buying new furnishings to add to their homes.

This excitement however, can often cloud our judgement when it comes to knowing what to buy, when to buy it and whether or not it is even worth buying.

Whether it is replacing old furniture or a starting from scratch project, we at Furniture Factory have put together this helpful guide to give you advice for when you begin your furniture purchasing journey!

The Do’s


1.       Research everything you need to know before buying furniture.

Knowing where to buy your furniture can sometimes be a challenge. With lots of furniture stores out there, it can be hard to decide who you can trust to sell you quality furnishings.

Take time to research and review the company, you could even give them a call and ask them about their stock. A trusted business will not be shy about talking through where their furniture is from, how it is made and why it may be suited to you.

Decisions often feel much easier once you have done significant research as you will feel confident in your purchase.


2.       Measure it all before buying furniture.

Before buying a piece of furniture, be sure to have measured up the space in which you plan to put the furniture. Where possible, double-check the furniture measurements too.

There is nothing worse than purchasing furnishing, only to have it delivered and not fit where you want it to. With the cost of return shipping, this can often be a pricey mistake to make.


3.       When buying furniture think about furniture practicality.

It is easy to get distracted by fancy furniture pieces that in reality have no real use.

Think practically, is this furniture piece necessary? What can you use it for? Is it something I want?

Find furniture that serves some form of practicality and make sure it suits your lifestyle. Consider the material, style and functionality of it. If you think it will serve some purpose, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy it.


4.       Set a budget for each space or piece when buying furniture.

Having a set budget is brilliant for not only managing your finances but, it will also make you feel more in control when you go to buy your furniture.

Budgets don’t always have to be restrictive. If you see something over budget that you like, can you lower the budget for something else?

It will make the process far easier to manage once you are consciously aware of how much you are willing to spend on each bit of furniture.


The Don’ts


1.       Go for the most expensive or cheapest option when buying furniture.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking cheap furnishings are all terrible and only the most expensive furnishings are the best.

By all means, consider that cheap furniture often may be made from cheap materials and potentially may not stand the test of time when used every day however, not all expensive furniture can guarantee this either. Often, branded furniture costs a lot more because it is designer-labeled branded furnishing.

Find a happy medium, don’t be afraid to purchase from either end of the scale. Just be sure to research the company and check their reviews to get a feel of how good their furniture is.


2.       Impulse buying furniture without having planned ahead.

It is easy to get distracted by beautiful furnishings which then you often end up buying! If this happens a lot, you may find yourself surrounded by lots of furniture that you like… but don’t really need.

Plan ahead before going furniture shopping, make a list of what you need and then once you have bought these essential items you can begin to consider other things you may like.

Impulse buying can blow your budget, leaving you feeling a bit deflated. Be sure to plan ahead to avoid this.


Furniture shopping can feel daunting however, here at Furniture Factory – we make sure the experience is a pleasant one. We have a variety of high-quality furniture which compliments any home. Our expert team is always on hand for advice and suggestions. You are always welcome to contact us or visit us.

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