For many of us there really isn’t anything quite as luxurious as the smell and feel of leather furniture.

Its natural qualities mean it is warm in the winter yet cool in the summer.

Purchasing good quality leather furniture is an excellent investment. In many instances, it matures beautifully like a quality wine. It does need to be well maintained if you are to get the best out of it, however.

Here are some tips:

Keeping Leather Clean & in Good Condition

• Leather is liable to fade, crack or stiffen if placed too close to heat sources. Keep it away from radiators and lit fireplaces and do not place in direct sunlight.
• Keep it clean by dusting with a clean cloth every couple of weeks.
• When cleaning, vacuum in the creases and along the bottom.
• If dirt has built up, use a soft damp cloth to wipe down the surfaces.
• If you wish you can apply a good leather conditioner every six months.

Dealing with Spills, Scratches & Stains

• Use a dry cloth to soak up any spillages. Always pat or blot rather than wiping to ensure you catch all the moisture instead of spreading it.
• Do not use hard soap, solvents, detergents or ammonia to clean stains and beware of using too much water. All of these can cause staining or other damage.
• Leather scratches easily so be careful with sharp implements. If it does get scratched use a dry chamois to try and erase the mark. If that does not work try using distilled water and blotting with a dry cloth.

For particularly bad stains or scratches that you just cannot remove, consult a professional leather specialist.

If you live in the Gloucestershire area and are thinking about investing in leather furniture then why not call in and see us at the Furniture Factory Outlet to see what we have to offer.