No matter your age or style, we have something to suit every modern home. Armchairs, Sofas, Dining Tables and more; you want it, we have got it! 


Here are our top three tips to creating that perfect millennial, modern home.


Creating unity within the home can provide an instant but minimal WOW effect. A matching lounge-suite can tie the room together, with the colours and fabrics you choose to contrast your soft furnishing with and tie in features such as lamps and details on rugs and wallpapers! If you have limited space, matching the furniture to be in the same tones and styles can provide a clean and professional look, very Instagram friendly! 

Fabrics and Materials 

Inject personality into your home by choosing fabrics and materials that suit your style. If you prefer a more clean-cut or even vintage vibe to your home, a hardwearing leather sofa may be for you!

If you prefer a soft-squishy and comfortable looking fabric sofa, we have that as well! Fabrics and materials including dining linen, curtains, cushion covers, and throws can help you create a modern and personal touch to your home. 

Practical not cluttered

A trend we keep seeing over and over again is furniture that serves a purpose. Why? Because it allows our customers to create space in their home. Stackable tables, coffee tables with drawers and units that have the ability to be decorative and practical make it easy to provide a fresh airy feel whilst serving a purpose. Hiding all the bits you may not want guests to see; like all those tangled cables you keep meaning to sort out! 

Those are our top three tips on creating a modern and clear home, perfect for millennials and older generations alike! Who does not love a personal touch and the feeling of more space? 

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