Interior design is in a constant state of evolution. With this oscillation comes a healthy mix of design trends throughout any given year. It’s usually the case that some come as quite a surprise while others cover more familiar territory. The pandemic period gave many of us an opportunity to take a look at the interior design of our own homes, more than probably any other time. Out of this unusual period a wide variety of design trends have sprung, giving us a fantastic selection to explore. Here then we will outline six of the best interior design trends we have come across for this year.


Sustainability is the newest and biggest trend for interior design this year. From furniture to building materials, consumers across the board are looking to adopt a more innovative approach to interior design that starts with using sustainably sourced materials above everything else. Widespread adoption of things like ‘green technology’ is also becoming commonplace. From beautifully designed recycled water systems to smart thermostats, we will see homeowners becoming far more conscious about their overall energy consumption while looking to reduce water and energy usage as much as possible.

Fun foyer

Interior designers are predicting that the actual entryways to our homes, commonly known as foyers to some, will be getting much attention and love in the coming year. Since it’s the first thing that people will see and experience when they enter your home, it stands to reason that you want this section of the house looking amazing! Vintage rugs, baskets and books can all be used to create a welcoming but stylised aesthetic.

Home bar

Spending time at home doesn’t mean we can’t spend that time having fun! Home bars are fast becoming a must-have feature for many interior designers, though they might set you back financially – not just for the design of the bar itself, but for stocking it too. This trend grew exponentially in the pandemic years and is not looking to slow down anytime soon.

Nature-inspired décor

Bringing the great outdoors indoors through interior design and décor inspired by nature is becoming a trend that is gaining far more traction post-pandemic. 2022 will see the introduction of calming colours that are not as loud, bright, or stark in principle. More muted nature-inspired colours such as sky and ocean blues, cloudy whites, leafy greens, bark browns and sandier beiges are going to be the kind of thing we start seeing more of in the home.

Because green has always worked fantastically well for interiors, so bringing the outdoors in for nature-inspired décor is sure to appeal to many!

Closed floor planning

Sequestered living is becoming favoured over the open plan living of yesteryear, as post-pandemic living has created a desire for privacy within the home. Interior designers are finding that they are adding openings and walls far more often than they are knocking them down. The great benefit of closed rooms is that you can get as creative as possible, and the design opportunities presented here are more varied than for open floor planning.

Indoor-to-outdoor living

Bringing indoor living outside is another trend that has took off in light of the pandemic. Homeowners are moving firepits, pools, seating, dining, kitchens, and just about everything else you can imagine to the outdoors. In warmer months, indoor living spaces can extend out to fantastic patios that are suitable for indoor-to-outdoor living. Installing sliding or bi-folding doors is also a brilliant way to seamlessly connect the indoors to the outdoors in a truly effective way.

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