When it comes to updating your home, a bedroom is often overlooked for other more important areas of the home which are used on a more regular basis, such as the living room and kitchen. However, as your bedroom is a space where you spend a lot of time, it is important to invest time and effort into making your bedroom a relaxing and inviting space so you can enjoy a great night’s sleep.

If you are looking to overall your bedroom space, we have some great ideas on transforming your bedroom simply and easily this Autumn.

Update your Bed and Mattress

One of the biggest changes you can make to your bedroom is to upgrade your bed and mattress. Buying a new bed can initially be a large financial output in the first instance, but the benefits of a good night’s sleep will outweigh the cost outlay after only a very short period of time. When deciding on the right type of bed and mattress that are perfect for you, there is a lot to think about, so it is important to take your time and get it right.

Add some Colour

Adding some colour to your bedroom can really transform the whole look and feel of your space. If you are not particularly brave when it comes to colour, you don’t have to go all-out and paint your walls different colours. Adding subtle splashes of colour with accessories can really help inject that burst of colour, without being too dramatic or a permanent change.

Cushions, throws and rugs in mustard, green and yellow tones are such a great way to add some Autumnal colours to your bedroom space. This can be done easily and without having to spend too much money and will add a real feeling of warmth to your bedroom.

Add some Texture

Adding different textures and patterns to your bedroom can help to provide a warmer feeling to the space. Again, this can be achieved really easily by adding accessories to your bedroom. Try adding a velvet throw to your bed, a teddy bear rug on the floor or velour cushions to a comfy reading chair. This is where you could easily inject patterns into your bedroom décor.

Change your Lighting

The lighting you choose for your bedroom is super important, especially at this time of year when it is getting darker earlier. Softer mood lighting will make for a more relaxing feel to your bedroom. Try adding bedside table lamps, or even a floor lamp with a soft-glow bulb to give that relaxing and comforting feeling to your bedroom.

Keep Things Tidy

“A place for everything, and everything in its place”

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make your bedroom a more calm and relaxing space is to keep things tidy and organised. Invest in some storage solutions and keep clothes and shoes stored away tidily. If you are lacking in storage space, you could always invest in an Ottoman bed which features a storage compartment underneath the mattress – the perfect storage solution for keeping your bedroom clean and clutter-free.

If you need any help or guidance when choosing a new bed or mattress for your bedroom, contact our team of experts today – we look forward to helping you achieve the perfect night’s sleep.