A living room is for just that – living, a room to celebrating life and to make memories with the ones you love. Decorating and creating the perfect home can be a daunting task, but we are here to help.


If you are feeling that your house is not yet a home, or your lounge room requires a refresh, take a look at our top 10 tips on how to bring your living room to life. 

1. Upcycling: If it’s broke, DO fix it. 

We all tend to throw out old furniture, it may be that your style has changed or despite it being repairable or reusable. A trip to the charity shop or the local tip has become a go-to for perfectly good furniture.

Upcycling has become a popular trend and can be a fantastic hobby that will keep you busy in your spare time. Whether it a lamp that needs a new shade or, or a table that needs a fresh lick of paint – it may just save you a little bit of money! 

2. Change up your Colour Palette: Mix it up.

Colour sets the tone of your living room. Upgrading your colour palette is a simple and easy way to establish a new mood.

Soothing colours such as lilacs, pastel blues and light greys create a calm, relaxing living space. Whilst rich colours such as mustard yellow, navy blue and gold provide a modern feel. You don’t need to change your whole colour scheme to establish a new look. Switching out a particular hue in your colour scheme or adding in a new colour can give a whole new lease of life to your living room!

3. Upholstery: Saving your sofa.

Choosing to upholster and revamp furniture such as your sofa, armchair or ottoman can create an entirely new atmosphere in your living space. Changing the fabric, chair legs, adding or removing upholstery pins can completely change up the look of your favourite chair!

If you don’t fancy bringing out your inner Angel Strawbridge, we also offer upholstery services! 

Want to know how to keep your upholstery looking and feeling brand new? Read our blog on Keeping Upholstery Stain Free.

4. New Furniture: Treat yourself to something new.

Replacing your furniture, whether it is your side table, bookcase, coffee table or TV unit can add a new dimension to your living room. New focal pieces such as a TV unit can brighten up the room whilst utilising space by providing extra storage. 

Check out our guide on when to replace your furniture.

5. Smart Storage: Less clutter with smart, sleek storage solutions.

Tangled wires, copious amounts of remote controls and other bits and bobs you’d rather not have on show when guests arrive call for smart storage solutions.

At the Furniture Factory, we provide a large range of high quality, hardwearing and beautifully designed furniture that will allow you to effectively store your belongings. Stocking a wide range of desks, benches and lamp tables designed to make the most of your living space there is something for everyone. We have a variety of storage solutions no matter your preference in the finish, material or style.  

View a selection of our living room furniture.

6. Picture Perfect: Adding a personal touch to your home.

Photographs, photo frames and works of art can add a personal touch to your living space. Whether they are hung above the fireplace or placed on your side unit, adding imagery is a great way to personalise your living room.

7. Rearrange your Furniture: A change of scenery.

Moving furniture to create more space to work with the shape and size of your lounge room is a fantastic way to change the scenery. Asking friends and family members for their opinion on your layout and prospective re-arrangements is a great way to make it a social experience. It is also an excellent method to get them to lend a hand when it comes to moving larger items such as wooden units and sofas

8. Declutter, dust and hoover like never before: Give your living room a Spring clean.

Cleaning is a nice and easy way to breathe life into your home. A deep clean is a fantastic and affordable way to change-up your living area. 

Clean soft furnishings – curtains included, dust those hard to reach places and declutter till your heart’s content!

9. A fresh coat of paint: Freshen-up your skirting boards and those four walls!

If your skirting boards are looking a little worse for wear and your walls are starting to show their age, it is time to crack out the overalls and paintbrushes! It is easy to underestimate what a good coat of paint can do, it instantly creates a clean, fresh feel to your home. 

10. Accessories: Give your living room that homely feel.

Much like photographs and artwork, accessories can add a personal touch to your living room. Soft furnishings such as blankets, throws and pillowcases are a great way to help change up your colour scheme, add interest to your home. Trinkets, decorative trays and ornaments can inject personality into your home. 

Plants also make a great addition to any living space, naturally boosting the appearance of your living area. 

Why don’t you come a visit us and let us help you bring your living room to life? Get Directions.