Have you ever wondered about the history behind your beloved soap opera companion?

Today, we are going to tell you all you need to know about the history of your sofa!

The term sofa originated from ancient Egypt (2000BC) from the Arabic word ‘suffah’ that loosely translates to ‘bench.’

For thousands of years, much like us modern folk, people have enjoyed the comfortableness of being able to simply sit down and put their feet up. Fortunately for us, sofas are a lot more plush to sit on than they use to be!

Back in the day, 2000BC, sofas were only used by the wealthier members of society such as Pharaohs. Fast forward to the late 16th century, the class divide did not distinguish who could and could not afford a sofa. Europeans reimagined the sofa to be a practical and comfortable addition to the home. In the 16th century, sofas were often stuffed using horsehair, hay and even moss! Thankfully, you will not find any of those materials in today’s modern sofas, which are often filled with foam, feather, or fibre!

In the 1800s, pattern books and design records across the age started to circulate within social circles of furniture makers; these patterns and designs were elegant and functional. By the 1900s, the flamboyant designs had lost their appeal and a more practical sofa was designed and idealised. The industrial revolution allowed textiles to become more widely available and mass produced, introducing the much-loved modern-day sofa.

The humble sofa that we all appreciate today has come a long way from its royal origins, engineered for practicality and comfort rather than as a status symbol. We now have a wide variety of options available when it comes to sofa design and comfort, here at the Furniture Factory Outlet, Gloucester. Why not check out our range of sofas and chairs?