I am often asked why ottoman beds are so popular. 

The simple answer is that they incorporate the functions of two separate items of furniture by combining a fantastic stylish bed with a spacious and easily accessible storage facility.

A typical ottoman bed has a frame that features a gas-powered lifting mechanism which raises the mattress to reveal a spacious hidden storage compartment beneath.  This is the ideal space for concealing spare bed linen, towels or just about anything you can think of!

The full bedframe means that what is stored in there stays hidden and the gas mechanism means that it does all the heavy lifting, not you.

The term ‘ottoman’ derives its name from where it originated, the Ottoman Empire.  This dynasty was established in the 13th century in and around what is now modern Turkey.

Ottoman furniture describes a particular style of a number of pieces including footstools, wooden chests and, of course, beds.  The distinctive design and storage functionality became more and more popular as pieces were imported throughout Europe during the 18th century.

In this day and age, when new built houses seem to be becoming smaller, an ottoman bed offers you a unique space saving storage solution. 

If you live in the Gloucestershire area and are considering purchasing an ottoman bed do call in and see what we have on offer.