If you’re looking for a suitably stylish update to your outdoor area or garden, these tips could be just right for you. Choosing the right furniture will transform the look of your outdoor space, so it’s incredibly important you get it right! Take your time to properly consider all of the outdoor furniture options that you have available to ensure you pick one that’s just right for your situation. Below you’ll find our top tips for choosing…

Style for the theme

An obvious tip is to choose outdoor furniture based on the aesthetics that it offers. The right look here can define a particular space, and firmly decide how it all eventually turns out to the naked eye. Consider the overall theme of your outdoor space and choose furniture that aligns with this.


Consider how much (or how little) maintenance is needed for your furniture. Weatherproof and durability qualities are worth taking into account here, and most wooden garden furniture is typically built to be as durable as possible while not needing a whole lot of maintenance.


Eco-friendly tips are always worth bearing in mind when it comes to outdoor furniture. Wood is a popular choice here, but it’s important to think about where the material is being sourced from. All LOFA members, for example, supply products that are made from FSC Certified wood taken from managed forests. This means that all of their wooden furniture is fantastically sustainable, and also entirely recyclable. Metal is also generally recyclable. Opting for furniture that is made from marine debris or recycled plastic can also be a popular choice here too.

Size for space

You’ll definitely want to ensure that the furniture you choose is the right size for your outdoor space. Furniture comes in many shapes and sizes, so consider how much space is available and how many people you need to be seated. When it comes to outdoor tables, add an additional one metre all round if you can, on top of the table’s existing measurements, so that chairs can be pulled out both safely and comfortably.


If versatility is important to you, make sure you consider how heavy your garden furniture actually is. Picking tables and chairs that are lightweight will give you the adequate flexibility you need to move them around should you want to make more space for your guests or chase the setting sun.

 Colour scheme

Colour is extremely important and can totally change the aesthetic of a given space. If you want a failsafe choice to complement your outdoor space, go for neutral tones of colour. Soothing shades of colour such as muted tones, browns or greys can blend perfectly into any outdoor space typically. If you have already chosen a garden colour scheme, extend the theme to your surrounding furniture for a further sense of cohesion.

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