Sleep usually takes up a significant amount of time in our everyday lives. It is incredibly important to prioritise it because, a good night’s sleep is essential for your mental health. At Furniture Factory we pride ourselves on stocking the best quality mattresses and beds, including an award-winning manufacturer – Hypnos. Having been awarded a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as well as the National Bed Federation’s ‘Bed Manufacturer of the Year’, Hypnos has been the number one choice for many.

So, how does a good quality Hypnos mattress help improve your mental health?


1.    Productivity

Whether you have a long workday ahead or a day full of plans, you want to feel as though you have a clear mind. There is nothing worse than trying to go about your day with a foggy head. A bad sleep routine can cause sleep deprivation. It can make you feel disheveled, drowsy and in a foul mood.

Sleep is vital to keep up normal cognitive functions. When you are working it can cause lack of concentration, which will impact your work life negatively. Investing in a good mattress can improve your productivity as it allows you to get the vital amount of rest you need.

Hypnos mattresses are made from brilliant natural and sustainable fillings, all of which provide a great deal of comfort. Being comfortable will allow you to relax and doze off for a full night’s rest. This is a perfect solution to improve productivity as you can excel in whatever you do throughout the day, which is incredibly awarding and beneficial to your mental health.


2.    Relationships

With the lack of productivity due to sleep deprivation taking its toll, it is easy to feel miserable and quite often depressed when tired. This can often influence your behaviour towards others. Arguments become common, you may feel on edge and you can begin to have a negative view on almost everything. This often can radiate from you and make others feel down.

Relationships have a positive influence on your mental health therefore they are important in your day-to-day life. Sleep deprivation diminishes your understanding and compassion for others, especially towards those who may be feeling better than you.

It has been proven that those who have a good night’s sleep overall had a greater sense of gratitude towards those around them. There are many different mattress types that we stock from Hypnos. There are so many choices, you are guaranteed to find one to suit you!


3.    Health

A poor amount of sleep will always take its toll on both your mental health and your physical health. Not being able to sleep can leave you feeling anxious and stressed especially if you have somewhere to be in the morning. The brain feels fatigued and cannot cope well with the simplest of tasks, leaving you feeling downtrodden, stressed and overwhelmed.

Rising stress levels can negatively impact your physical health too. Those with increased levels of stress have been known to be more likely to develop diabetes and to be at higher risk of a heart attack or stroke. It is always important to put yourself first to reduce these metal and physical health tolls.

Hypnos recently shared a blog that included useful resources to help tackle these issues. They suggest a great variety of relaxing meditation methods and exercises, all of which have great benefits towards your mental health.


We appreciate just how important sleep is for our customers. That is why we only supply the highest quality mattress and bed brands. There is a different mattress out there for everyone. That is why we encourage our customers to pop in store and try out our samples. You are guaranteed to find a mattress you love at Furniture Factory! Helping you achieve that much-needed perfect night’s sleep.

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