With compact scroll arms, deep cushioning and elegantly piped tailoring, the
design is as classic as it is contemporary. Luxurious chenille’s and velvet
fabrics work perfectly with a choice of fashionable legs that add a personal
touch of indulgence and style.


Grand sofa

H 980mm | W 2290mm | D 1050mm

3 seater sofa

H 980mm | W 2070mm | D 1050mm

2 seater sofa

H 980mm | W 1860mm | D 1050mm


H 980mm | W 1420mm | D 1050mm


H 950mm | W 990mm | D 1000mm

Wing chair

H 970mm | W 890mm | D 970mm

Accent chair

H 910mm | W 790mm | D 940mm

Legged ottoman

H 410mm | W 990mm | D 580mm

Legged stool

H 400mm | W 760mm | D 580mm

Storage stool

H 410mm | W 640mm | D 580mm