Many people are lost when it comes to cleaning their leather sofa. They know it requires a specific protocol but aren’t sure where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help you with that. Leather sofas are a great choice for a variety of reasons, offering timelessness, durability, and stylishness. For a clean that happens weekly or fortnightly, a rapid vacuum or dry cloth wipe down will do the job. But the most careful amongst us might even look at a leather sofa and worry about the potential for stains or spilt drink.

The approach outlined here works best when you have a stain that needs relieving, or perhaps as a deep clean protocol every few months.


First and foremost, physically get rid of any grime or dirt from the surface of the leather sofa. This will prevent any inadvertent rubbing into the sofa when trying to wipe it down with your cleaning solution.

Use soft brush attachments on the vacuum to prevent any scratches from appearing. If you don’t have a vacuum, try using a dry microfibre cloth.

Household products cleaning solution

Choosing the right cleaner or soap for your leather sofa is usually a question of gentler being better. A pH-balanced, mild soap (such as those provided by Dove) is the optimum choice for cleaning leather, either in its bar form or through mixing some drops into warm water for a more diluted mixture. Using the more natural approach, a dilution of 50:50 with water and white vinegar and water can also do the trick. This can be an effective, gentle stain removal method for most types of leather and upholstery.


Whatever you choose for your solution, try to test it on a small section of sofa first, preferably somewhere that is not as highly visible. Applying a small amount, let it dry to ensure that it looks as you want it to and that there isn’t substantial discolouration.

Clean with microfibre cloth

Take two microfibre cloths, as one will be used to clean and the other to dry. Firstly, dip a cloth into the cleaning solution and wring. Working from the top to the bottom of the sofa, rub the cloth softly but tightly along the surface of the sofa, taking special care of the corners. Continue to rinse the cloth in the solution when you need to. Once done, use the other cloth to gently pat the sofa dry. There won’t be any need to rinse, but it is crucial that you thoroughly dry the sofa.

Apply leather conditioner

Use leather conditioner or cream to restore any suppleness and moisture to the sofa. For best use, use every six to twelve months, though it can also be best to check the label to find the best solution possible for your particular sofa.

Make sure you deal with any stains straight away – blot spilled water, oil, food or ink as soon as possible before it has time to set in.

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