A dining room is a great social space and brilliant addition to any home. It is wonderful to come home and have dinner surrounded by friends or family. Even if you live alone, nothing compares to dining in a relaxing comfortable space that you love. Of course, every perfect dining room needs quality furnishings that have been carefully selected by you.

If you are looking to create your perfect dining room, then read our tips on how to do it.


Consider your space


Factoring in how much space you have to play with is a great starting point when undertaking your perfect dining room project. If you have:

  • A small dining room – You may want to purchase a smaller dining table and chairs to match. Think about what furniture you need and then if you have the space, add smaller furnishings and decorations.
  • A medium-sized dining room – You may like a larger table or you could have a small table with different furnishings added to this space such as a sideboard, mirror or plant stand. Getting a square or rectangular-shaped table is best for utilising space as it can be central or against a wall. If you want a central table, a circular table would be a great alternative.
  • A large dining room – You may prefer a large dining room table with perhaps a more solid seating option such as a bench. Adding a bookcase, display cabinet, wine rack or sideboard can all help to fill out any space you may have.

It is important to consider the surrounding space too as a clear pathway is essential for accessibility.


Think about design


Perhaps you have a design already in mind, or maybe you don’t know what you like. Having a particular style, theme or even material that inspires you plays a key part in designing your perfect dining room. Take time to look at some inspiration online or, pop into our showroom to take a look at what we have. This way you can take your time to browse, get inspired and ask for any advice!

There are a variety of designs to consider for your dining room furniture. Circular tables, cushioned chairs, faux leather, wood – you name it, there is so much furniture out there to choose from.

Take a look at our helpful mood board below, take note of what you love and then browse our website to see if you spot more that you will like.

Furniture factory blog post moodboard dining room

Functionality is key


Of course, it is important to consider the functionality of your perfect dining room space. If you are looking to host lots of dinner parties, you may need to consider furnishings differently from others. Get the details, such as the number of chairs needed and the length of the table. You want to be able to accommodate your guest.

Should you only be looking for a small table to squeeze in as it is a shared or small space – then you may wish for fewer furnishings as it would be impractical to have too many.

There is no right or wrong way to furnish your perfect dining room. As long as it fits around your lifestyle, wants and needs, that is all that matters.


Creating your perfect dining room is achievable with some planning and creative thinking. We at Furniture Factory can also help in the creation of it! We stock a variety of furnishings that are real character pieces for any part of the home.

Our expert team is always happy to help and offer any advice you may need. Be sure to pop in-store today to take a look at our beautiful furniture. Or, fill in our contact form.