Decorating mistakes can be easily made, especially when it comes to furniture arrangement. If a room is empty, it can quickly appear overwhelming, and knowing where you want to put things doesn’t come naturally to all of us. When you’re aware of what not to do, it makes this task so much easier. Avoiding these mistakes when it comes to furniture arranging will come in handy and make everything else fall into place!

Conversation areas

No one should have to lean forward, crane their necks, or shout to have a normal conversation. When it comes to arranging your furniture in your living room, bear in mind that chairs and sofas should ideally face each other, at least to some degree. In larger spaces, this can become difficult, but it’s important to remember that you are able to create more than just one conversation area in a room.

Furniture against your walls

If you want your room to appear bigger, pushing all the furniture against your walls is not the way to go about doing it. This does not give the items in your room any breathing space, and can make the middle area of the room appear cavernous. By pulling furniture away from your walls, you will give your conversation areas a better sense of balance and intimacy. This can be accomplished even in a small room.

Focal points

Every room should ideally have a single focal point since it anchors the surrounding space and produces a natural area within the home to put furniture around. It can sometimes occur naturally within the room, but can also need to be created by you. Most important to remember is that you want just one focal point, otherwise the room can appear confusing to the human eye and aesthetically cluttered. To create a balanced and serene space, one focal point is ideal.

Flow of traffic

When arranging furniture, never forget how people will navigate through and around it. No one in your home should have to trip or climb over one piece of your furniture in order to have access to another. They should also be able to navigate the room without having to take a zigzagging, awkward route through. So make sure you have left enough room for clear walking paths right through the room.


Putting too much of one set of furniture on only one side of the room makes the overall aesthetic appear off-balance and tilted. To avoid this, distribute what you can as evenly as possible around the space you have created. This does not mean that your rooms have to be perfectly symmetrical in nature, however it is important to achieve balance. For example, if you have sofa positioned on one side of your room, it’s a good idea to balance it by putting something of similar visual weight on the other side of the room.

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