I am occasionally asked about the fire safety regulations applying to furniture and furnishings.

They are quite stringent, as of course they should be, and are enforced by the Trading Standards Department.

The intention is that upholstery components and composites used for furniture supplied in the UK meet specified ignition resistance levels and are suitably labelled. The main requirements are:

• Filling materials meet specified ignition requirements
Upholstery components must be cigarette resistant
• Covers must be match resistant
• A permanent label must be attached to all items of new furniture, except mattresses and bed-bases
• A display label must be fitted to every new furniture item at the point of sale with the exception of mattresses, bed-bases, pillows, scatter cushions, seat pads, loose covers sold separately from furniture and stretch covers

Should you purchase any items from our outlet you can be assured that they comply with the relevant statutory regulations and are labelled accordingly.