When choosing the right sofa, there are so many different things to consider. What colour should it be, how big should you get it, what shape? 

One of the top questions when buying a new sofa is what fabric should it be? One of the major decisions is choosing between a fabric or a leather sofa. Here are the benefits and cons of each to help you make an easier decision.  



Compared to leather sofas, fabric sofas add one extra level of comfort. There are so many different materials used in fabric sofas from cotton to velvet. You can choose whichever fabric suits you and makes your sofa the comfiest. Fabric sofas are also a lot warmer than leather in general and also softer.



The durability of a sofa will depend on the quality and spec of the fabric it is made out of. Higher quality fabrics will have longer durability and be more resilient to wear and tear. 

Normally fabric sofas don’t get scratched as easily as leather ones, making it a better choice for those with pets. However, leather sofas tend to be more stain-resistant and don’t soak up spills as easily as fabric ones. 



There are more design and colour/pattern options when it comes to fabric sofas compared to leather sofas. The choice for fabric options with different colours and patterns is never-ending, whereas leather sofas come in a limited our and pattern range

However, leather sofas are known to be a timeless classic design piece. They add simple elegance to a room and can go with anything. 



Fabric sofas are normally more cost-efficient and you can get more for your money. Good quality fabric will always be expensive but you will normally find that a leather sofa in the same style will cost more.  



A great benefit of leather sofas is that they are hypoallergenic. This makes them a great choice for those with allergies as leather doesn’t hold on to dust etc as much as fabric. 


Both leather and fabric sofas have their pros and cons, therefore, the sofa you choose will be down to your own individual taste and lifestyle. 

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