The Covid-19 restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic over the last 2 years have seen us all being isolated at home for much of it.   However frustrating it’s been, it’s given many of us a chance to change our perception of how we use our homes now and this change of thought process is driving trends in decor and soft furnishings for 2022.

We expect the main trends for 2022 to focus on well-being and sustainability.  Mental health issues caused predominantly by the lack of social interaction during the pandemic restrictions, as well as the increase of awareness of the damage we are collectively doing to the environment, it comes as no surprise that we’re now focusing on these issues in the months and years ahead.

People are placing much higher emphasis on their physical and mental wellbeing.  This is affecting how design trends in 2022 as we rethink our personal spaces.  The importance of feeling safe and comfortable overrides the desire to have a  ‘statement space’, it seems, as people re-evaluate their lifestyles.

It’s expected that 2022 will see an increase in ‘unique personal spaces’.  Even though the appeal for open-concept homes won’t disappear, there is an expectation that ‘special-use’ areas will be created within the home’s communal spaces.  During the restrictions of the past 2 years, many people took up new hobbies to pass the time  – for instance, baking became really popular and as a result of this, and Joe Wicks YouTube videos were watched by thousands, the trend will be to use these spaces for multi-tasking, not just functional spaces.

Importance will be placed on ‘unique personal spaces’, for sanctuary and privacy as well as to reflect the personality of the owners.  ‘Hobby’ spaces will arise, including designated exercise areas or indulgence areas.

So what does this all translate into soft furnishing trends for 2022?

We expect to see more use of ‘organic furnishings’- fabrics and furniture will become more sustainable and eco-friendly as manufacturers are taking the cost to the environment of heavily processed pieces onboard.

The recent trends of softer hues of creams and light greys won’t disappear, it’s expected that there will be a trend toward using dramatic, elegant palettes too – emerald green, sapphire blue  and indigo purple are all expected to come to the fore in 2022.

It’s expected that soft furnishings will be made from natural and sustainable bi-products of the agriculture industry, such as leather, shearling and wool, and furniture will become lighter in tone, rather than darker wood.  The objective is to create a comfortable, tranquil and sustainable personal space.

In 2022, we’ll see more ‘biophilic’ design principles coming through with serene, natural lighting accentuated with indoor plants to create a deep connection to nature. It’s expected that the continuing trend to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor space will continue.

Biophylic design is by far the biggest trend in 2022 and the palettes of rooms and shapes of furniture will be reflected in this trend:

1. Colours

The use of bold patterns and colours will be reminiscent of the designs of the 60’s and 70’s.  We expect to see all shades of green trending in 2022 in an attempt to be at one with nature.  Other colours that are expected to trend are sage, terracotta, and mustard – these tones of  ‘earthy’ colours will be used to reflect our synergy with nature.

2.Furniture shapes

Traditional shapes will be big in 2022 as we’re looking to have highly sustainable, eco-friendly,  timeless and classic statement pieces.  These will include curved chairs, boucle chairs and cloud-shaped sofas.

3.  ‘Pop’ and 3D Art

3D art is going to be big trend this year, as we’re becoming increasingly keen to make our homes a true reflection of our personalities.  3D Art that ‘pops’ will definitely make an impression and is sure to be an interesting talking point!


So, the predictions in home furnishings for 2022 are therefore focused on natural and calming spaces that are representative of the homeowner’s personality.  But the quest in achieving this end result won’t be at the expense of the environment.  Actually, quite the reverse! The driving forces are ‘calm personal space’ and ‘product sustainability’

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