A question I often hear is ‘when should I replace my bed/sofa/mattress?’ 

Furniture does not come with a ‘Best Before’ date so in some respects the question is a moot one.  Many of us still have a prized item tucked away somewhere such as great, great grandmother’s dressing table.

Generally speaking, though, most items of furniture do have a date by when they are likely to be worn out:

Average Lifespan of Home Furnishings

  • Sofa 7-15 years
  • Upholstered chair 7-10 years
  • Wooden chair 10-15 years
  • Dining room table 15-20 years
  • Coffee or occasional table 5-10 years
  • Bed 15-20 years
  • Chest of drawers 10-20 years
  • Desk 10-15 years
  • Wicker or rattan furniture 10 years
  • Mattress 5-10 years

Obviously some pieces of furniture are better made and more hard wearing than others so these are just rough guides.

There are also some tell-tale signs that an item of furniture is wearing out:

Sofa or Upholstered Chair – listen for creaks and look for sagging cushions.  Check the upholstery for odours, stains and rips.

Wooden Chair – danger signs are wobbly legs and splits in the wood.  Upholstered chairs can have the upholstery replaced if the chair itself is sound.

Dining Room Table – they may suffer scratches, dents and burns but the most common reason for changing a dining room table is because it is no longer the right fit for the room it is in.

Coffee or Occasional Table – can be marked by hot cups, wet glasses and unwanted feet! 

Bed – if it creaks it probably needs to be replaced.  Children’s beds are often replaced as the child grows.

Chest of Drawers or Desk – if the drawers no longer move freely or it becomes unsteady it is time for a replacement.

Mattress – think about replacing if it sags or is uncomfortable, no longer providing a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you are in Gloucestershire and thinking about replacing some of your furniture, then pay a visit to Furniture Factory Outlet.

Great News!

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Can you leave our delivery elsewhere rather than coming into our home?
Absolutely we can. If this is something that you would prefer we can deliver to your garage or your drive/doorstep and give you advice regarding getting it into your home safely and any assembly details if needed. If you prefer not to sign for the delivery, we can simply take a photo of the furniture outside your home/in your garage for proof of delivery.
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