When it comes to choosing a new bed or mattress, there are many considerations to take into account.  The most important thing to think about is the benefit to your physical and mental well-being that a good nights’ sleep will bring.  The comfort of your bed should be the very instrument to be able to deliver that to you.

We have been selling Hypnos, Highgrove and Millbrook beds and mattresses for many years now.  Not only are they supremely comfortable, but they can be tailormade specifically for your requirements.


Hypnos have been making mattresses for over 100 years.  They’re based in Buckinghamshire and all their products are handmade and come with a 10 year guarantee.  Their fillings are completely natural and sustainable and their design is based around a highly intelligent pocket spring system.

Hypnos can construct mattresses in subtly different configurations which in turn, can offer a different range of comfort and support.  From luxury and sumptuous mattresses to firmer models that support back care, Hypnos can deliver a truly bespoke product.

Hypnos are a carbon neutral business, committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing, craftsmanship and quality.


Highgrove are based in Liversedge, West Yorkshire and their manufacturing plant is one of the largest and modern in Europe.  They are at the forefront of mattress technology and produce a whopping 5,000 mattresses a week – many of them under contract to large hotel chains, retail outlets and Government departments.  They are a privately owned company and are members of the National Bed Federation.


Millbrook have been manufacturing mattresses since 1946.  They’re based in the New Forest and work with traditional ideals of quality and craftsmanship.  Millbrook produce extremely elegant and sumptuous, pocket sprung, handmade mattresses.

There’s much choice in mattresses and it can be really confusing and to be honest, a little daunting!  However, we’ve been stocking and selling all 3 manufacturers products in our Furniture Factory and are thoroughly happy to recommend the right mattress to our clients.

There are some considerations and questions you may want to think about before you browse the enormous range of mattresses out there.

  1. What size is right for me?

There are so many sizes available these days, it’s no longer necessary to put up with feet hanging out of the bottom of the bed if you’re over 6’ tall!  Consider the space you have in your bedroom too, as well as how you sleep during the night.  Do you turn over regularly, for instance, as this will increase the width of the mattress you may decide upon.

  1. How firm or soft is right for me?

Is your idea of a good nights’ sleep being cocooned in a sumptuously soft mattress, or would you prefer a little firmer comfort?  Consider if you need some back support or a memory foam mattress.

  1. What do you like and not like about your current mattress?

Chances are that you’ll know what’s wrong with your current mattress and that’s why you’re considering buying a new one, but have you ever thought about what you actually do like about your current sleeping product?  If you know what you like and don’t like, you can probably hone in on your perfect new mattress quicker!  Don’t worry if you don’t know though, because help is always on hand at our Furniture Factory to talk you through the pros and cons!

  1. Value for money

We like to think of the value of anything as being ‘cost per use’.  However much you spend on your mattress, you’ll be using it every single day of your life, so in terms of value for money, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll be getting a great return on investment.  Conversely, if you choose a cheap mattress that’ll fall apart in a couple of years and disrupt your sleep pattern due to discomfort, you’ll probably ditch it sooner rather than later in favour of a better one.

We are currently offering 50% OFF all Hypnos, Highgrove and Millbrook mattresses.  Come and visit our Furniture Factory in Gloucester.  We’d be happy to talk you through our range of mattresses.  Click here for directions and opening times or see our mattress ranges on our website www.furniturefactoryglos.co.uk.