Why a modular wardrobe?


There is, without doubt, a revolution occuring regarding the move toward sustainable and eco-friendly living.  This new ethos is being rolled out to all sectors of industry and the furniture sector is playing its part too.  As space is becoming more of a premium than ever before, we take a look at how modular wardrobes work and how they can provide fantastically creative storage solutions for any size of bedroom.


1. A Modular wardrobe is eco-friendly


The manufacturing process of modular furniture is shorter and therefore naturally produces less waste.  The materials used are very often recycled too!  Because the furniture is made in pieces, there’s less waste of materials because there’s no curved edges to trim. Another point is that because modular furniture can be moved and reconfigured to suit the changing needs of its owners, its product life is longer.

2.  A Modular wardrobe saves you money!


Following on from the point that modular wardrobes have a longer product life, they obviously save you money in the long run.  You can take them with you when you move house, refit them into another room if necessary, add to them if your need for more space grows, and you can refigure the inside of the wardrobe according to your requirements.

3.  Modular wardrobes save you space!


A well thought out modular wardrobe will indeed save you space.  They can be configured with drawers, shelves, hanging space specifically designed with your lifestyle in mind.  You can dispense with a space gobbling chest of drawers by utilizing some some in your wardrobe.  Intelligent use of the interior space will free up other space in your bedroom, creating a lighter, breezier feel.


4.  Modular wardrobes save you time!


You’ll be surprised how much time a modular wardrobe actually saves you.  Instead of hunting through chests of drawers and cramped wardrobes to find what you’re looking for, you can actually get dressed more efficiently because everything you have is in its rightful place, on show and ready to be worn. No clutter, no detective work, no crumpled clothes!  Everyone’s a winner!


5.  Modular wardrobes suit your style!


As the popularity of modular furniture has grown, so has the choice of materials and colours, giving you many choice options in design.  From muted white doors, to mirrored doors, patterns or geometric designs, you can choose the exact fit for you and your style.  Usually a modular wardrobe comes in a 2,3 or 4 door format, but you can customize your corner spaces just as well.  You can choose either sliding or swing doors, special pull out trays for jewellery, belts or ties, without comprising on space or organisation.


The drawback with traditional ‘stand alone’ wardrobes is that you can’t really add to them if your space requirements change. What you see is definitely what you’re stuck with!  You can’t change the dimension of them, the interior space can’t be changed or reconfigured and you can’t change their style as trends change.  They’re not usually flexible enough to move into another room.  They’re heavy and difficult to handle.


A modular wardrobe, on the other hand, is lightweight, flexible in configuration both internally and externally, you can change the door styles without breaking the bank, you can add another unit if required and you can organise the internal space that works for you.  A truly unique and bespoke solution!  Take a look at some design ideas to whet your appetite!


So there you have it – our 5 benefits of choosing a modular wardrobe over a traditional, stand alone variety.  You can create your own unique design, maximise the space in your bedroom, de-clutter your dressing area, up-cycle them to suit your changing decor, move them to a new space if required, and save money in the long term.


If you want more information on how a modular wardrobe works and what benefits they give you, take a look at our range of modular furniture at www.furniturefactory.co.uk or give us a call on 01452 741880 – we’d be happy to help!